Peer Review by External Expert Reviewers with the proper experience in the subject, area, field or discipline is the most common method to ensure the quality of the manuscript and its publication; and it is a gift of uncompensated time given by the dedicated researchers, scientists and academicians to the publisher for reviewing the manuscripts.

Responsibilities of the Reviewers

  • Reviewer should respond promptly to the requests by the Editor/Editorial Office for the review of the manuscripts.
  • Reviewer should complete and return the review report promptly and on time.
  • Reviewer should always maintain and respect the confidentiality.
  • If there is any conflict of interest he/she should declare immediately and contact the Editor of the respective Journal; and the reviewing will be re-assigned.
  • Reviewer should inform the Editor if it is not possible to carry out the reviewing work.
  • Reviewer should also bring to the notice of the Editor if he/she is an author or a co-author of a manuscript submitted to the respective Journal for consideration.
  • Reviewer must familiarise himself/herself with the review procedure and review policies.
  • Reviewer should notify to the Editor or the Editorial office if there is any┬áchange in his/her E-mail address.
  • Editor-in- Chief will take the final decision related to publication oriented issues (if any).